Tipi Teachings

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At the First Nations University of Canada, elders passed on knowledge about how to raise a tipi to Mother Teresa Middle School students.

Tipi teaching 1

The tipi is significant as it provides shelter and warmth; and it’s ability to be taken down and set up quickly was ideal for the nomadic nature of hunting groups. In fact, it’s structure is a feat of architecture and engineering historically speaking.

Tipi Teaching 3

Each pole has significant spiritual meaning and purpose. The first three poles of the tipi represent, Humans, Mother Earth, and the Creator. There are 14 poles in total, 12 for the base and two which control the venting flaps.

Starblanket Teachings

Traditionally tipi raising was done by women; however, today it is often done by men. These teachings were done in the original established method, to ensure that ancestral knowledge will be carried on for generations ahead.

by Peter McDougall