Dustin George: How One Car Ride with Dad Lead to a Lifelong Career

Dustin George

Dustin George had no idea one car ride could change his life. But, it did.

Just after his high school graduation, Dustin’s dad told him to hop in the car and drive with him to the First Nations University of Canada in Regina.

That’s where he would not only find his passion in a career that combines art and business, but that his job would offer security in a world where successful art careers are rare.

“I graduated from high school and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I’ve always been artistic, always drawing and always creative,” says Dustin. “I knew I wanted to focus on that aspect of my life.”

Upon arrival, George was introduced to the professors in the Fine Arts department and he was hooked.

After graduation, Dustin attended Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Graphic Design training.

One of his first big breaks was an internship at Shout Magazine. In the years that followed, Dustin had the opportunity to design panels for the outside of the Casino in Swift Current.

He designed three out of six but was responsible for the overall design of all six panels.

“The panels I designed are one of a woman dancing in a fancy outfit, one of a man dancing in a fancy outfit and one of a drum line,” George explains.

Dustin is now the Art Director at Look Agency in Regina where he creates logos, brand identities, advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

Currently, his main clients are Hillberg and Berk, a well-known jewelry company in Regina. He creates their look books and has designed their current homepage.

by Paige Devernichuk