Elders changed his ways of thinking and helped him gain his identity

Rick Dumais says going in to Social Work was what he always wanted when he started at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC) Saskatoon Campus.

“It was a good experience, I was a part of the Student Council for a number of years,” explains Rick. “It had good people and good elders.”

Walter and Maria Linklater had a big impact on Rick throughout school, their name lives on in the ‘Walter and Maria Linklater Family Sweatlodge’. Walter was the elder that really influenced Rick, as the elder changed Rick’s ways of thinking and helped gain his identity.

The positive energy and people around the school gave Rick the environment he needed to get to his degree. Financially, it was a struggle and he ended up with a student loan which was to be paid ‘as soon as possible.’

Although he wouldn’t recommend it, Rick says student loans are there if really needed. And it allowed Rick to graduate in 1998.  Rick overcame this financial hurdle by finding employment back home on Pelican Lake First Nation.

Rick enjoyed meeting people from all over the country and making friends who still remain in his life today.

Rick settled back home in Pelican Lake and has been there for 18 years at the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council (ACTC) with Child and Family Services.

by Morgan Esperance