Behind the Lens – Stewart Manhas Traded Words for Pictures

Stewart Manhas didn’t know it but the First Nations University, and particularly the Indian Communication Arts Program, would help him find a passion he didn’t even know he had.

In high school, Stewart Manhas loved English and Science, and found he had an aptitude in both fields. His first thought was to get into video game design, but the courses were too expensive.

So Stewart decided to get his English degree at the University of Saskatchewan. It was a great start, but he still hadn’t found his calling.

That’s when he decided to attend the First Nations University of Canada.

“I liked the fact that Aboriginal culture is part of the school,” says Stewart. For example, at FNUniv he was able to take part in pipe ceremonies.

But, it wasn’t until Stewart enrolled at the INCA summer institute, that his career plans really started to take shape. After the institute was finished, he was offered an internship at Global Television writing scripts and his career exploded from there.

Today, Stewart is a videographer, photographer, and journalist. He also has a front row seat as the media landscape undergoes a massive shift thanks to social media.

He says there is a lot of good information online and on social media, but people also have to be careful because not all of it is accurate. And, it’s not just a concern for adults.

“You have to teach your kids, right?” says Stewart. “You just be careful what you put out there online because there are dangers. People don’t know who is watching them online and who could easily find them at a restaurant or store based on the location settings on social media such as Facebook.”

Stewart says he really has found his calling.

His example shows us that while you may not know what you want to do, sometimes just finding the right place, like the First Nations University of Canada, to explore your options. And finding that place can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career.